Cabo de Gata, mediterranean inspiration

A Docu Producciones film

Cabo de Gata, mediterranean inspiration

©2012, España, Batiste Miguel (director), Clara Sanz(Producer), 52 mins, HD


Seven artists from different countries and artistic backgrounds tell us why they are so enamoured of this area. The Cabo de Gata, situated in the southwest of Spain, has the coastline which best conserves the essence of the Mediterranean Sea. In the last forty years, it has become the home of artists from all over the world. They work here, dedicate themselves to their art and enjoy living on the shores of a sea of crystaline waters with sea-bottoms of great beauty. During the day, the only desert in Europe shows its bareness under an extraordinary light and when darkness falls, the magic of flamenco awakens with all its energy. This place is its source of inspiration


Jeanne Chèvalier: Fotógrafa. Suiza; Ana Alonso: Bailaora . Almería; Jorge Pardo: Músico. Madrid; Matthew Weir: Ceramista. UK; A. Campschulte: Escultora. Alemania; Mario Alonso: Farero, escritor. Madrid; Sophie Cuendet: Multidisciplinar. Suiza

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