Voices of the Amazon

A Docu Producciones film

Voices of the Amazon

©2011, España, director: Batiste Miguel; Producer: Clara Sanz; Photography: Ximo Fernández 52 min, HD


The close friendship built up over the years between Javier Lobón “researcher at the CSIC” and Ama Hitoma the head tribesman of the Uitota, made it possible to set up a Symposium about Science and Indigenous culture. With spectacular images of the world’s largest rainforest, the documentary shows us how representatives of different ethnic groups transmit with their own voices the current conflicts affecting them, their joyful vitality and their preoccupation for their childrens’ future. Little by little, we begin to perceive the freshness of their in- digenous wisdom, linked forever to the conservation of the Amazon.


Hitoma Safiama
, Javier Lobón, 
Hernando Castro
, Absalon Arango, 
Teodoro Dámaso
, Representatives of indigenous communities: Uitoto, Ticuna, Yagua. Other voices of the Amazon
. In collaboration with ONG Manguaré


Central amazon: Colombia, Perú, Brasil MNCN: Spain

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